Moede NCMA is a mobile application for iOS and Android. Moede tracks user location and cues an array of audio samples to play and mix while users move through the North Carolina Museum of Art park. The musical score has been composed in response to the landscape by artists Kael Greco and Gregg Perkins. 

Each circular region depicted below represents one musical/sound effects sample loop that tigger depending on the user's proximity to the center of the region. Users are able to move through regions in any order and cue the music with their physical movement.

About the artists

Moede is a collaboration between artists Kael Greco and Gregg Perkins.

Kael Greco is a data artist and social scientist living in San Francisco. In 2015, he completed graduate degrees under the schools of Engineering and Architecture and Planning at MIT. He also holds an MFA from University of California, San Diego, and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics and Art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His work has been exhibited internationally and covered by a wide variety of media outlets, including the Guardian, the BBC, and the New York Daily News. He recently contributed a chapter to Decoding the City: How Big Data Can Change Urbanism (2014).

Gregg Perkins is an artist and writer living in Tampa. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and his writing has appeared in CoterieNew Art Examiner, ArtUS,TimeOut Chicago, Artforum.com, and The Miami Rail. He holds an MFA in painting from The University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is currently an Associate Professor in Film and Media Arts at The University of Tampa. Situated at the intersection of narrative and technology, his current research addresses the production of fictional narratives within contemporary film, music, and visual art. His films have been shown at the Dallas Video Fest, and the Sarasota, Sound Unseen, and Wisconsin Film Festivals.